Okay, here's the deal, kids. It's pretty simple. You're free to take these sprites, dolls, or whatever. All you have to do is follow the rules, and adopt away.

1) No hot-linking. Hot-linking is evil, pure and simple. Also, if you hot-link images from my site, you will quickly discover they will not show up. Seriously, If you want to adopt my sprites or whatever, you have to -- and I cannot emphasize this enough -- download them to your own computer.

2) Don't take credit for stuff that's not yours. Not only is it mean, but it's also just plain wrong. No "Frankendoll"-ing, either. Meaning, no taking pieces of my work and changing or attaching them to something else for your own needs. (Example: taking one of my sprites and changing the hair color, then claiming it to be your own work.)

3) Link back to me. It's that simple. Just use a button, or text-link to my site, and we're all good.

That's it. Easy, right? Right. Carry on, and please enjoy your stay. ^-^

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